Sunflower Seed Earrings
Sunflower Seed Earrings
Meltdown Studio Jewelry

Sunflower Seed Earrings

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Materials: Sterling silver, oxidized, hand polished

Size: Earrings measure approximately 1/2"


Clytie - the sunflower  - is backed by a beautiful legend:  Once upon a time, Clytie, a dryad (or water nymph), fell deeply in love with Apollo, the God of the Sun. But Apollo felt no love for her. Sadly, all she could do was sit and fix her eyes upon her beloved sun from sunrise until sunset, hoping that he would notice her. She sank into a deep sadness, and would not eat or drink for nine days.  She simply stared at her unrequited love as he traced his path across the sky. The other gods felt sorry for Clytie and transformed her into a beautiful sunflower so that she could always follow the path of the sun.  Cast in sterling silver, these tiny seed kernels embody the legend of beauty and eternal sunshine. 


Handmade from start to finish at Meltdown Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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