Meltdown Studio Jewelry School and Coworking Space

Meltdown Studio is determined to break down barriers in every area possible whether that means creating durable, unique, real jewelry for real people or educating others and providing opportunities for emerging jewelry artists. Meltdown Studio is more than just a jewelry line, it is also a jewelry making and lapidary school and co-working studio.  

Meltdown Studio is Albuquerque’s premier jewelry school / open studio work space.  We offer classes and private instruction to all levels, provide a fully-equipped co-working studio, and offer permanent bench rentals for jewelry artists in Albuquerque, NM. 
Meltdown Studio is a community of creativity, education, and support.  Lauren Tobey (studio founder/owner) has devoted the past thirteen years to teaching hundreds of students, fostering the passion of individuals who claim, “I’m not that creative, but…” and providing a safe and supportive environment that is accessible to anyone interested in this mesmerizing art form. 
Lauren has been able to cultivate the Meltdown Studio Jewelry Line by selling her collections to a handful of galleries and museum shops, local farmers markets and art shows. She has spent the past thirteen years building Meltdown Studio jewelry school and is excited about the continuing growth of the school and her own jewelry line.